Self Publishing Tips

Although opportunities for “indie” authors abound, selling your book is another challenge.  If you are considering self publishing, you may want to heed sage advice:

1. Find a networking organization that allows you share resources, learn from other “indie authors”, and promote your work.
One of the biggest lessons that I learned as an indie author is that there is strength in numbers.  Sometimes relying on your own wisdom, social networks, and contacts aren’t enough to reach masses.  You may have to use the resources of others. Likewise, someone else may need to use information or contacts that you possess.  Don’t be afraid to ask and share resources.  There are quite a few organizations out there whose missions is to help create a platform for resource sharing.  Among them are: Goodreads, SpaNnet, The Society of Authors, and (of course) Society of Independent Authors and Illustrators.

2. Mimic the big fish!
In order to truly be successful at marketing your book, you have to mimic the key players in the publishing industry. In this scenario that would be big publishing houses.  Consider the various ways they market their authors and try to employ some of their strategies.  If you are limited by budget, go for quality versus quantity.  In other words, brand your work the same way they would brand their authors.  Make your work look attractive, invest in quality and/or professional cover art, send out press releases, hire editors, and make sure that every piece of marketing material you distribute looks top notch!

3. Develop your online presence.
Your website (alone) may not be enough to drive the sales of your recently published books.  You may need to develop your online presence by having multiple streams of visibility.  It’s great if you have a blog for your book, a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc but you will also need high visibility on other sites as well.  You may need to place a few ads on Google, ask friends to sponsor your book’s fan page, or place ads on websites geared towards readers.

4. Seize the day!
If you ever wanted to make a name for yourself as an author, now is the time.  So many shifts are occurring in the way we communicate information that will make it easier for savvy indie authors to gain exposure!

One thought on “Self Publishing Tips

  1. […] Gone are the days of struggle for writers who long to see their work in print.  Modern technology affords budding authors the opportunity to go from pen to press in what seems like a matter of days.  Authors are no longer faced with the many limitations that once halted “self publishing” pioneers in their quest to actualize their work.  Publishing companies of today are catering their businesses to include the ventures of self publishing entrepreneurs willing to invest in their own ideas.  If you are willing to pay, you can realize your dream of authorship.  However, publishing a book and becoming a  renowned author is  not synonymous.  You will have to employ a few more tricks in order to make strides in that area.  You can read more about my tips on marketing yourself as an author here. […]

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