Women’s History Month: A Legacy for the Future

March is a month beaming with historical pride and cultural celebrations . Not only have we come to accept it as the gateway to a new season, but as the birthing of “new” day. Born are not just the leaves and the flowers, but the American spirit that has been forged by the great works of those throughout history. This includes the works of phenomenal women who have become pioneers and leaders in fields that were once dominated by men. Their works have become a launching pad for future generations to soar into new heights. During the month of March, we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of women.


The “Indie” Booklist

Have you written a good book lately?  If not, these authors have – so why not support them!  These are our hotpicks from best selling authors. Stay tune as we compile a list of titles from the best of the best from self-published authors.
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Woke Up Lonely Tenth of December Red Rain
Illegal Procedure Cheating the Spread Mind Mgmt Ocean at the End of the Lane
The Silver Star Gwen Stacy Died Titanic by Lang Dissident Gardens