About Me


Andrea Jamison has over 15 years of experience working in schools as a teacher and professional librarian. She has experience working with students at the elementary, high school, and college level. This unique combination of experience has provided her with the foresight needed to help plan and implement innovative learning experiences that are designed to help students throughout their academic pursuits.

Recognized as a dynamic teacher, Andrea was quickly sanctioned as an emergent leader among her peers.  She has assumed multiple leadership roles within schools that have allowed her to make valuable contributions to learning. She has a deep seeded belief that teachers and librarians are stewards of knowledge. She also believes that it is important to instill the love of reading in children at an early age so that they can become life long learners. As an educator, she has received numerous awards and accolades for excellence in service. She has presented workshops at numerous educational conferences and schools.

Some of her current and past educational accomplishments includes the following:

– Dimon Distinguished Award Recipient
– Generation Teacher Librarian Scholarship and Grant Recipient
– RMC Publication Scholarship Award Recipient
– Pathways for Leadership Nominee
– Recipient of the Laura Bush Improving Libraries Grant
– CFE Grant Recipient
– Former member of the Illinois State Board of Education’s
Professional Development Advisory Group (PDAG)

Andrea Jamison is the author of a self help book entitled “Against the Waterfall”. This book is dedicated to helping young girls overcome adversity. Inspired by a life of hardship, Andrea overcame a series of setbacks and went on to accomplish her professional and academic pursuits. Writing became away of escaping some of the struggles she had to endure. Equally as important as writing was her love of reading that would later lead her to pursue a career in librarianship.

Andrea is an avid lover of  both the written and spoken word. She uses her talents as a writer both professionally and creatively. Professionally she has written grants for large non profits that have resulted in a little over a quarter million dollars in funding. She is a contributing blogger for an entertainment site as well as grass roots society for independent authors.  She also has experience working as a copy editor for a popular lifestyle website.

Creatively, she has authored a number of children titles that she is actively pursuing publishing opportunities for.


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