Meet Author Francis Mill!


Francis Mills is the author of the Xanthus, a fantasy based triology that follows the adventures of  a blade wielding barbarian as he battles against the evil sorcery of Diablo in the distant realm of Pangaea! Read more about his life and work below.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing a diary for seven years. I was more into music and art for most of my life. I only decided to start writing Fantasy in May 2016!

What is your most recent literary/artistic project? 
I published the book ‘Lillith’ on September 3rd 2016. It’s the third book in the ‘Adventures Of Xanthus’ series I’m working on.

What inspires you to write? 
All the stuff I grew up with: 80’s and 90’s cartoons, Megadrive and Playstation games, and Heavy Metal music. In addition to that, escaping from the rules and confines of this world we live in is always great. Inside your imagination you are free to do whatever you want!

Who is your favorite author and why? 
The team who created the Transformers cartoon in the 80’s. The whole thing is sword and sorcery but with robots. When I was a kid, I was in another dimension when I use to watch it. That is what I want to do with my books, create another world that is an escape from this one.

What advice can you give to other authors or writers? 
Writing a book is only the beginning! You have to keep finding ways to promote it! If you don’t believe in it who will? You have to keep it alive, keep pushing it!
Where can readers go to find out more information about your work?

My Amazon Author’s Page:


Musings of an Indie Author

I haven’t written poetry in awhile, so imagine my surprise when my thoughts collided with a pen

and gave birth to a verse that was unrehearsed and  went something like this…..


“I digest this quest for life, as it burns a hole in my soul

leaving me whole – not in pieces – or in search of rhyme or reasons

for no longer am I a child of darkness but a child of seasons

destined for greatness, destined to become ONE with the one who made me

then shaped me out of  mud and clay.  Yes, I was formed out of dirt but defined

by precious jewels tucked deep within the Earth; so I’ve learned how to lean in to it and

not run away from this type of birth.

Written by Andrea Jamison

Self Publishing Tips

Although opportunities for “indie” authors abound, selling your book is another challenge.  If you are considering self publishing, you may want to heed sage advice:

1. Find a networking organization that allows you share resources, learn from other “indie authors”, and promote your work.
One of the biggest lessons that I learned as an indie author is that there is strength in numbers.  Sometimes relying on your own wisdom, social networks, and contacts aren’t enough to reach masses.  You may have to use the resources of others. Likewise, someone else may need to use information or contacts that you possess.  Don’t be afraid to ask and share resources.  There are quite a few organizations out there whose missions is to help create a platform for resource sharing.  Among them are: Goodreads, SpaNnet, The Society of Authors, and (of course) Society of Independent Authors and Illustrators.

2. Mimic the big fish!
In order to truly be successful at marketing your book, you have to mimic the key players in the publishing industry. In this scenario that would be big publishing houses.  Consider the various ways they market their authors and try to employ some of their strategies.  If you are limited by budget, go for quality versus quantity.  In other words, brand your work the same way they would brand their authors.  Make your work look attractive, invest in quality and/or professional cover art, send out press releases, hire editors, and make sure that every piece of marketing material you distribute looks top notch!

3. Develop your online presence.
Your website (alone) may not be enough to drive the sales of your recently published books.  You may need to develop your online presence by having multiple streams of visibility.  It’s great if you have a blog for your book, a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc but you will also need high visibility on other sites as well.  You may need to place a few ads on Google, ask friends to sponsor your book’s fan page, or place ads on websites geared towards readers.

4. Seize the day!
If you ever wanted to make a name for yourself as an author, now is the time.  So many shifts are occurring in the way we communicate information that will make it easier for savvy indie authors to gain exposure!

My Review of “American Gods”

Although I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed “self publishing” enthusiast, I do find myself occasionally engrossed in books published through traditional presses. Let’s face it, a good book is a good book! I just finished reading two books for work. However, one title quickly emerged as a personal favorite. Check out the review that I originally posted to my school’s blog.

If you are a reader who is captivated by the supernatural, then consider perusing the pages of author Neil Gaiman’s fantasy based epic, aptly coined as American Gods. Described as one of Gaiman’s best and most ambitious work to date, this book is a spellbinding trip into a mystical world of the supernatural. In it, Gaiman chronicles the life of an ex-con, musingly named Shadow Moon, whose destiny is leading him towards a dark and luminous battle in life tantamount to Armageddon. The action begins as Shadow is released from prison to attend the funeral of his beloved wife who dies in a tragic car accident. In route to her funeral, by way of a stormy plane ride, he meets an oddly eccentric deity named Wednesday. Forewarned by Wednesday that a bigger storm is brewing, Shadow blindly accepts a job as the deity’s emissary. Shadow soon discovers that he is caught in between a battle of gods. His life and the fate of the American spirit are at risk with every choice he makes. With help from his deceased wife, Shadow weaves in and out of worlds unknown trying to complete complex and often confusing tasks. In the end, he learns several surprising lessons about his past life and what is to become of his future. This story is lauded by many as a timeless masterpiece and was awarded the 2001 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel.

Andrea J